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Hello 2021 - A Community Update

Started by Burridge, Jan 24, 2021, 09:57 PM

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I have made this new board for general community updates that encompasses the ZO community as a whole rather than just one of the servers on their own. You will have noticed the lack of updates on either server for a while now - TDM not being updated due to RP being worked on and then more recently RP hasn't received any updates. I am going to clear the air a little here and let you know what is going on and my thoughts in the moment as I write this up.

First of all, as of today (24th January 2021) I have moved this site onto my web server, this allows me to keep the site hosted easier and makes it a bit cheaper too as it's sharing resources with my site (which sits as a blank page right now anyway). This will allow for growth on this site should that happen at all in the future. I have removed the theme we had installed as it seemed to be having some issues with drop down menus and it was annoying me.

Now onto the lack of TDM updates, and this one is a simple one: I did not, and do not want to work on two SA-MP servers at the same time, TDM is in a mostly stable state anyway and is not getting any players join it right now anyway - the lack of Hosted Tab helps with that but the amount of players received from the Hosted Tab that actually stay is minimal and not really worth the cost each month. I do have some ideas for TDM which would require a major change in mode structure and it would pretty much become a completely new game mode. More on that when work has begun on it.

As for RP; great strides were taken on the back end of the code in December. I consider that version stable enough to put onto the main server now if I am honest. However, I am going to wait until I get the crates system into place as I think that would be a good version for a soft "relaunch". This version would also add more NPC zombies and give more of a PvE aspect to the game. I would not consider it finished by any stretch, but I do think the game mode is better with the new crates, which overall will give more items for scavenging but it will be more rewarding with a group experience due to the NPC zombies within the areas where these crates spawn.

I have been busy with other projects recently, and this has helped me not burn out on just doing SA-MP. With Kye/Kalcor's decision to wipe the SA-MP forums and wiki from existence and it would also seem he has stopped developing SA-MP in its entirety it really kills my vibe for developing for a modification that has no support, and no central point to get the server's name out there etc. The only way to get your server even seen on the client is to pay for the Hosted Tab and considering the amount of players you see join, and then stay is next to mill it does not seem worth it at all. Of course there are still players playing, as of writing this the SA-MP site says there are around 31000 players online which is still an awful lot for a mod that has no support from the official source.

Of course as well as keeping myself busy on other projects there has been the real world aspect - working in a pandemic. Some of my colleagues ended up having to shield/tested positive with COVID which meant myself and my remaining colleagues picking up the slack where we could so my time spent at the computer was a lot less over the Christmas period than I would have otherwise had. The battle against COVID here in the UK is not going well if I am perfectly honest for many reasons, but we can get into that another time.

In summary, things are still being worked on, but this is not my main focus right now. I am slowly starting to work more on the RP crates system for the /search functionality and within this system I may also make the car fixing system a little more in depth. I do not really have a development strategy right now and I am just coding things as and when I can/want to. I will not lie though, the TDM ideas floating in my head make me want to do something with that sometime soon and see how it takes off as a fully fledged game mode.

I will leave it there for now, I figured it was high time an update of some sort was made, so here it is!