Beta Testing new version [22.12.2020]

Started by Burridge, Dec 22, 2020, 11:02 AM

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This update changes the way user accounts and characters are stored so the accounts and character data has been wiped. I realize this is annoying but this should be the last time it needs to happen as the gamemode is in a really good place from a codebase aspect now. I am happy with it. There will be a time once this version is stable to go onto the main server where I will ask people to take a screenshot of their inventories so I can bring across their rarer items.

There are more changes here than listed however, a lot of them are not relevant to players, they're mostly things like some integers being changed to booleans etc (a lot of that actually!). The recoded systems were done mostly for my benefit as it will now be easier to manage and patch problems as aspects of the code are better commented or code has just been written in a much better way than before.

The original version you all play currently was a bit of a mish-mash of code and ideas to get it out there and playable. However, as interest is there I felt that it deserved better and to make my life easier with the extra development time I have been putting into it. I also felt some of the systems in place were poorly coded or could just be improved so that is what I set out to do with this patch. Some of the systems have remained largely unchanged, at least from a player's stand point, but a lot of the code has been re-written or tweaked to be easier for me to maintain.

There may be things I have forgotten to re-enable or re-add so if something's missing that is current available please post a bug report and I will look into it. It could even be something as simple as I removed it and forgot to comment that on this changelog. The only thing I will ask is that you don't make reports on the lack of Discord integration as I will be re-adding it just haven't gotten around to it yet.

  • Recoded the user system from scratch.
  • Much of the codebase has either been re-written or optimized.
  • Anti Airbreak now auto bans.
  • Zombies now use fists, with increased damage.
  • Fuel textdraw no longer shows when filling a vehicle, this also stops the fuel textdraw showing more than 100%.
  • Time before you can search an area again has been reduced from 300 seconds (5 minutes) to 210 seconds (3.5 minutes).
  • Improved the admin help command to be much more helpful in explaining commands.
  • The rank of Head Admin has been renamed to Senior Admin.
  • Improved many admin commands to be usable by name or ID.
  • Improved player spawning code.
  • Improved the unknown command message to be more helpful.
  • Improved skin selection to be quicker and respond better to button inputs.
  • The admin command to turn off spectate mode can no longer be used if not in spectate mode.
  • /animhelp is now a dialog message box instead of shown in chat.
  • Changed the /blockdm command messages to show as a server message (same formatting as the /engine message when entering a vehicle).
  • Changed invalid command message to show as a server message(same formatting as the /engine message when entering a vehicle).
  • New characters start with more items.

  • Added character description to the character creation.
  • Added character accent to the character creation.
  • Added the option to edit the character's age on the character menu.*
  • Added the option to edit the character's accent on the character menu.*
  • Added the option to edit the character's description on the character menu.*
  • Added a warning dialog to confirm character deletion when that option is selected.
  • Added a block to the transfenders and pay n' sprays.
  • Added an RP message is shown when a player fills their vehicle.
  • Added Resident Evil music to skin selection.
  • Added the alias /blockpm for the command /blockdm.
  • Added registered date and time to the account data.
  • Added last logged in date and time to the account data.
  • Added the player's muted state to the account data.
  • Added strength to the character data.**
  • Added constitution to the character data.**
  • Added intelligence to the character data.**

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where infection status was reset on death regardless of team.
  • Fixed bite not working when using the walk key (timer was never set).
  • Fixed a bug where admin spectate would get current location even if used while already spectating a player, causing spawning issues once spectate mode was turned off.

*The option is on the character menu however, it does not yet do anything. The ability to actually change them will be in the next patch.

**They are in the data but are not yet coded in to do anything specific. I just added it in while I was messing with the structure of data and knew I'd be adding them in at some point in the future. The aim of this patch is to mostly test the new system and make sure there's no errors that can break the game. The tests will be done on a separate server from the main server in case of game breaking bugs. Once we know this version is stable and ready we can put it on the main server and begin the transfer of items for players who want their current inventory brought across.
With all of that out of the way, the IP to play this version is: - which is the testing server. Like I said above once this version is in a stable place and we haven't had any major game breaking issues I will put it onto the live server and begin the inventory transfers!

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Changes for the 27th December 2020

  • The ability to edit your character age has now been activated.
  • The ability to edit your character accent has now been activated.
  • The ability to edit your character description has now been activated.

  • Added the ability to repair your vehicle for 50 scrap.*

*A more in depth repair system will be put in place eventually. I just wanted to add a way for scrap to be usable and for vehicles to be repairable since we blocked the garages in this version.

Changes for 29th December 2020

  • Removed human playable Zombie team.
  • Removed /team.
  • Removed /setteam.
  • Removed /bite.
  • Removed keybind for biting.

  • Added NPC zombies!*

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a typo on /vehiclehelp.
  • Fixed a bug where you could continue to repair your vehicle regardless of the amount of scrap in your inventory.
  • Fixed a typo where the old 5 minutes time was showing for the /search command.
  • Fixed a bug where the fuel textdraw would sometimes not hide when leaving a vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug where the fuel timer would not kill when a player leaves their vehicle.

* They only spawn at the shop on the strip for this patch. I wanted to get them there for testing to make sure their damage etc is okay, plus to see how they react with more than one player etc.

Changes for 30th December 2020

  • Zombies now respawn after 1 minute instead of instantly.*
  • Removed the Zombie health text above their heads as it was inaccurate due to the plugin we use not working perfectly with the NPCs.
  • Optimized the Zombie spawn code.

  • Added more NPCs to the server, this time at the LVPD.

* This opens us up to some sort of looting system, maybe looting the bodies of dead Zombies for some extra items?

Quote from: Burridge on Dec 30, 2020, 10:35 AM* This opens us up to some sort of looting system, maybe looting the bodies of dead Zombies for some extra items?

Could be very helpful.