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Name: Harrison Tong
Age: 28
Occupation: Fort Carson King Cobra's -Sergeant At Arms, Drug Dealer.

Character Biography: Harrison began life as an orphan from the crime riddled neighborhood of Inglewood, Los Santos where he spent a majority of his life until he was old enough to move elsewhere.
With no known parents Harrison had a hard time growing up in a predominantly African American neighborhood dominated by the crystal meth epidemic and sky rocketing gang related gun crime.
By the time Harrison was 16 he had already spent two years in a local juvenile detention center for being caught with a Pistol and an ounce of A class Narcotics.
It was here he met a teenager named Alex who had family relations with a local motorcycle club called The King Cobra's.
After Harrison had served his term he had eventually made his way to Fort Carson hitch hiking from Los Santos, he had run away from his orphanage to find Alex and here his friend and his father would take Harrison under their wing.

Two years later Harrison was old enough to prospect and so he did, here he learnt the ins and outs of being a 'One Percenter' and began getting involved with serious organized crime which included, narcotics distribution, extortion, money laundering, violent activities and in some cases but not proven, Murder.

Once receiving his Patch, Harrison would become one of Bone and Red County's most notorious bikers, usually taking on any task or anyone who came across his path negatively.
He wasn't hard to find and typically had his nose dipped in any illegal activities operating within said areas which lead to him becoming quite wealthy.

Come October 2020 Harrison was raided at his address in Fort Carson and had been arrested on conspiracy to sell Methamphetamine and Murder, he had  been waiting in Las Venturas County Jail for months to be sentenced until eventually the civil unrest in Las Venturas got so bad, that the governor had decided open up the jail as the infection had spread rampant across the city.
From here Harrison had ran for miles across the desert to eventually get back to his clubhouse in Fort Carson.
Once arrived he realized everything and everyone had gone, after finding his vest he eventually looted local stores and gathered what supplies he could before eventually hiking into the sand soaked hills of the Las Venturas desert beginning his journey for survival.

Character mission: Now on his own Harrison is very cautious of outsiders of whom he has never met before, although he is seeking shelter he also has to come to grip with the fact that he cant survive on his own, therefore he is looking to find other survivors to team up with.

Will Harrison end up taking the bad path once again? or will he put that aside for the bigger picture? who knows and only time will tell.

((Big thanks to Claire for the Character Story format ;D ))

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Chapter I: Humble beginnings as a survivor.

After a few hours journey north into the Sandy Hills of the San Andreas desert, Harrison stumbled apon a cluster of vehicles including his old Wayfearer.

He ran furiously to his bike, excited to see if it would start.
jamming his knife into the ignition.

The bike was in busted up condition but started first pop and even had half a tank of gas,
once started Harrison continued heading north into the hills to a location he considered would be safe safe.

Once at the designated located location, Harrison noticed an abandoned forward operating base.

Harrison would rush forth searching through the canteen and some old crates where he found an M4 carbine along with some ammo.

After finishing loading some clips up, Harrison came to grips with the idea That hell eventually have to find some more Weapons, Food and clean water to keep his chances of survival up.
Standing on the roof of the local barracks, Harrison looked onto the city knowing the risk he was about to take, but with his beliefs he'd rather go out like a man than a coward.

Chapter I to be continued.